Heatsink Fan recommendations please


Well, I just finished building a new system

E6600 c2d
evga 8800gtx 768
2 gigs ram

I turned it on and was watching the bios and realized my processor was idling at 60 degrees celcius. I checked it out and the stock intel heatsink fan wasn't turning. I tapped it a couple times and it came to life, but it stopped turning again about an hour later. Tapped it again and it came back to life.

Anyways... I'm looking for a decent copper heatsink/fan. The only brand that I know of is zalman, but, if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them and check them out.

Just an FYI, motherboards report whack temps
Huh? any program that you will ever use to moniter temps uses the temperature moniters on you motherboard so your bios shoud be the most accurate...


I have a pretty similar setup to yourself. I go an E6600 but i have overclocked from 2.4 to 3.3Ghz

The cooler i use the tuniq tower -Link-
Its a beastly cooler. Before the overclock i was idling arround 18oC and with the OC im getting arroun 29oC with is amazing.

Other great options would be the Scythe Infinity or the Artic Freezer Pro

Your motherboard is reading from a diode while core temp gets its data through digital thermal analysis. My cpu runs at 50c (E6300 @ 3.5ghz) but my motherboard thinks its 70c. They have a faq on the site i linked.

If price or size is an issue get the Thermalright ultra 90. If it is not an issue get the ultra 120 extreme. As for fans I've always used panaflo high cfm, though they are noisy. Stock fan with a gtx is fairly noisy anyway.
Yeah, I think I'm just going to get a massive zalman. Only problem is I don't want to take my motherboard out to mount it.... oh well...