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I have been playing classic for along time now. Ava was never my fav map, but when RP lost the charlie server I got more into it. There are still things that bug me about it, but on source I really am not a big fan.

One of the things that made ava great was the work required to cap out the map. Because classic required 2 people to cap the last flag, the map required more teamwork then is the norm. Also while the opposing team was trying to cap, you get behind them and hold off reinforments till your team pushed back up

On source the one person cap and the small size of the map makes cap outs way too often in my opinion. Plus the apartments and house are not as much fun with all the little things you can get stuck on

So what other maps do people like? Anzio is one of my fav's and I heard source has some other good maps. I really wish someone would port over dod_charlie to source.

What do yall think ?!
I like Ava, of course, but I also like dod_flash and dod_clomar occasionally. Colmar is cool because it's not flags, it's Destruction mode, meaning you have to blow up enemy arty and vehicles. It's pretty fun with a good amount of people, and the snow element is cool too. I also like some of the dod_orange_arena mod maps.
I can't stand how often I get stuck on trash objects or tiny pebbles in ava, heck any map for that matter. In anzio my guy can't step over a 4 inch curb on his own. Yay!
I agree Aim. If we could adjust AVA so that it would require 2 to cap last flags I'd be happier.
I'm not big on the Orange Areana maps, in fact i rather dislike them, but I do like Kalt (Kalt is my favorite, even over AVA), Donner, and Anzio. I might even put flash in there although its far behind
I did a map vote for orange last night, and although the vote for orange won, most of the players left at map change. I knew better than to mess with a nearly full server.
Sure you can, I did it a few times the other day. We in eGO are given the ability, so we should be able to use it lol.
Speaking of maps; John, Art, Kendle, Tommy or whoever knows how to do this, please let me know. How do you instantly change to a different map? Kalt won the map vote 4 times in a row with about 20 people voting, but the map didnt change. If I knew how to just change it I would have. Help is appreciated.
I hate orange maps... so uncolorful. I like surf maps, unfortunately, theres rlly only 1 surf map ive played on dod:s. The new version of surfdeathsentence, made by cDc is rlly cool, as they added alot, but much eaiser to spawncamp which I HATE. People just lie there wit mgs, and u cant do a single thing about it. It lowers your kd ratio and makes it look like u suck and the spawncampers p00n.
If you don't like spawnkillers, then I suggest you return BF2 to the store or give it to a friend lol.
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