Thank Tommy here!!

beef caKe

I would like to personaly Thank Tommy for his hard work.Thank you so much tommy .If you want to thank tommy out loud and show the community whos behind some of the goodness here feel free to reply with a big thanks to his awsomeness <---is that a word i just made up.Retard i am.. :)
What would i thank him for? I know hes a cool guy, but i dont have a reason for thanking him lately.


I appreciate it tommy. Thanks
Tommy thanks for all the hard work on the eGO server admin. eGO servers are the best run, and it is the admin capability that makes it so. Thanks again for managing this for us Tommy!
I personally thank Tommy to the fullest!

Recently we updated our admin module, and this created a very large change in how members are added, modified, grouped, flagged, edited, ect.

Tommy personally took this project into his own hands. Edge Gamers has over 230 admins and everyday something changes. Along with the changes, PM's and emails flood himself and it starts to become overwhelming.

Everyone should be thankful for the amount of time he is placing into this.

Thank you Tommy!
I thank Tommy and Kendle as well as all the other admins for all their hard work recent and past for making eGO the greatest DoD: S community ever.

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