OutbreaK's Epic 3000th post!


EGO Is My Life!
It is almost here, so be prepared, i have a nice big surprise for everyone. I think you all will like what im gonna do so sit tight, and prepare for the surprise. Even though im evil now, i will still give to the clan in celebration of my 3000th post.
You know.... I bet it's just one of the council members playing a joke on outbreak. o_O Because... he only has two actual posts... and the only way it'd glitch like that is if something catastrophic happened, and it most likely would occur to more than one person. This being said, someone with access to the cpanel could have easily just gone into the sql tables and edited the post count. :) So don't feel bad OutBreak. xD
errr spam?

Yeah, quit spamming Sao.

errr sorry dom you can lock this now i guess ;)
Not unless he magically resets to zero posts ;p LOL I would die of laughter then!

lol i think outbreak would die if that happened... maybe thats what the head admins are planning for outbreak.... he will reach 2999 and then they will reset it to 0...o.0
im commin for you.........an no one is more evil than me.....muahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha.....i laugh at danger......infact i laugh at any thing you mortals are scared by.......*disappears in a puff of black smoke*