"I have GOT to get me one of these!"


Obey your master
I darn near bought a 2005 Firebolt XB12R when I was out buying my first bike but they sold it before I could get my hands on it. This is the exact bike actually:


It's a good thing I didn't get it though. I would of killed myself on that thing as a new rider. Plus, now that I have my VROD I couldn't be more happy. That being said though, I do think there is room for 2 bikes in my garage 8). If this new Buell is as bad-a as they say it's going to be I might seriously consider it. the 146 hp has got to be at the crank, so that means about 130 at the rear wheel. That's a LOT for a V-Twin. Mine is 120 hp at the crank and 150-200 lbs heavier than this new Buell (guessing). My only complaint is that the front end looks waaaay too importish.

I used to work at a local Harley dealership so I can maybe pull some strings and atleast get a demo ride.That is, of course, if they actually make this thing (*crosses fingers!!!!!*).
Pretty sweet looking ride. I just bought a 2003 Honda Shadow 750 ACE.
I love it to death! I mean, why drive a car when you could ride a motorcycle?!

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