[poll] Who will win the EPL?

United has it in the bag. We've got the same cup winning squad along with Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson, and maybe Tevez.

Glory glory Man Utd! I thin I see a 99 like season in the works!
English premier league? If so your off your rocker if you think anyone but chelsea the following resons....
1.Arsnel, No wenger, No Ball , No Henrey... No arsnel
2.Man Unt. They got lucky last year
3.Liverpool have a phew players coming in but no match for DIDIA DROGBA !
4. other those are the only teams who could have a chance, But i think reading could get 3rd or 4th

I'v been to at least 30 chelsea games and iv seen them win all but 3 ;] CHELSEA FTW!
[quote1183933427=RoM - [TR]]

what rom said, no one else even comes close to L-pool
[quote1183972999=1 Adam-12]
The BEATLES are going to win. lol
[/quote1183972999] i agree most of them are dead and at least 90 but who cares they can still win!

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