launching DOD


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I recently had a problem launching DOD. It would say preparing to launch and then after a couple seconds say "this game is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time" I tied to restart my computer, re dounload DOD, and i also reloaded steam and DOD again and nothing helped. Has this ever happened to ne1 or does someone know how to fix it?
Sounds like you are having issues authenticating with the steam servers. Have ou made sure your connection is not on the fritz?
ya the connection seems fine because i can access the internet and do stuff
I have also notice in the bottom right corner of the screen there is a box that comes up and says
"Auto-Protect has blocked Trojan Horse as a security risk. Your computer is secure"
Is this like a Norton thing blocking DOD or what?
I had that problem when I first bought DoD, it ended up they lost my credit card information and accused me of never buying the game. I had a long chat with a moderator of steam and we got it all sorted out.

I hope this isn't your problem, it's a pain .
I was a bit worried myself, Nothing was stolen from me though so I assume it was just a computer malfunction.