Poster Extraordinaire
What do you think of them?

I think they're awesome.

What would you do if an outbreak occurred?

I'd go to an old prison! They're fortresses with plenty of land, a library, and watch towers.

What would you do?
I still have a crap load of fireworks and m80's left, so id probably throw some m80s at them, and laugh while they exploded. After that, ummm id drown them in the ocean!
I would grab my baseball bat, a lighter, gas, anything destructive, then run to my neighbors house to get their shotguns (unless they have been infected) . Or then i would get my parents to drive me to a sporting goods store (if they havent been infected) or ill just drive myself. Grabs all the guns, load all of them, and barricade the store - Theres an albertsons right next door so i dont have to worry about food :)

Second Option

Blow my own head off so i dont have to worry about it
ha ha theres so many things you can do

I almost bought a book on how to protect myself against zombies.. maybe i should just incase ya know
the mall is teh worst place to go
and so is teh hospital

old prisions with big walls and heavy doors
or a military facility

semi automatics are bad for zombie killing
and if u can use a silencer its essential
zombies have exceptional hearing
u shoot an unsilenced gun u alert zombies for miles

but a good choice of weapon is any carbine weapon
or an m1 garand

also blades do not need to be reloaded if yo u have a nice katana laying around use it
But malls have gun stores!!!


None of the malls around me have any guns in them....I think it's because you live in Texas :p
how come nobody has said ANYTHING about shotguns!? except me - a zombie situation is NOTHING without a shotgun.

and if i do have to run into a military base sao - i dont wanna live off of MRE's...lol
a semi automatic rifle is still the best way to go

and malls have more people meaning more zombies