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So I kind of stumbled on this by mistake, but it's really cool anyways.
If you use firefox (shame on you if you don't) you can pretty easily get an Edge Gamer Forum Sidebar following these steps.
1. Right click on the bar below your address bar (if you have bookmarks there right click on an empty space).
2. Select "New Bookmark".
3. Name it something like EGO Sidebar, or EGO Forums.
4. In the address field put in the URL of the EGO Forums (http://www.edgegamers.us/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php).
5. Check the "Load in Sidebar" Box.
6. Click ok, then click on your awesome new sidebar button!
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You should change the title of this thread to =(eGO)= not
= egO =

Fixed for him ;)
not a big fan of firefox honestly. i used it before IE 7 came out cause of the tabs features but i was having problems with video compatibility on a lot of sites so i switched back to IE.
Been using Firefox since it came out. Great product. Especially when you add NoScript and AdBlock plug-ins. It is so good not to see those ads from doubleclick, adfarm and the rest of them cluttering up the screen.
i honestly want to know whats the differeance between internet explorer and fire fox.... other then the name.. and can u download firefox off the net or do u have to pay for it?

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