How on God's green earth do i make a sig


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I was told by JohnT to go here and ask Q's. How the hell do u mf's get those kick ass banners.. like Rojo, with this one.. Americans just laid out and a German MG closeup smiling. I saw one with a guy on a can, the other with the dude on tank getting his head blown to particles... I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE THAT! ...I DEMAND IT! for real.
i believ theres a thread already about this but anyway, talk to a member and they will make you one. like pedro made mine(THANKS VOTE4PEDRO).
my sig pwns you

also making a sig is rather easy all i did on some is take a picutre i liekd and put my name on it like these



this is the only one i actually use on forums

these have some effects used in photoshop but maybe 1 or 2 so its really about finding a picture u like or what kinda aura u want ur sig to have

the sig i have on now i took a picture i liked filtered it in photshop tookthe guy n the other image put them over it made text and put my name on it with some blending effects :)

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