Military Family Members?

Does anyone in here have any military family members(used to or currently are)?

My grandfather was a Col. in the Air Force. He flew B-47 strato jets with 1 mega-ton bombs during the Cuban missle crisis. My dad says he went off all the time and it was all top secret. He spent 28 years and was promoted to Brig. Gen. but never had the ceremony because he quit after cuz he would've had to gone over seas again.
My Grandfather was a medic in WW2.
My Cousin just got back from Iraq a few months ago, he was in infantry.

I've wanted to join the military for so long, but I'm too tall and my knees are too fragile.
my great uncle worked on a jet carrier in the vietnam war....never saw any action though
One of my uncles was in the Green Beret's, and my other Uncle was in the Army. My fiance's father worked on, repaired, and helped build jets in the Navy. He was in it for 20 years before retiring. I'm not sure about anyone else..I think one of my great great uncles served, but not sure..
My grandpa was a tailgunner in WWII. Got shot down and was a pow. He only told me the story once and never repeated it again...God rest his soul. My dad and uncle are purlpe heart vets. My other uncle was killed in Vietnam. My wife's uncle was a full bird Colonel in the Airforce.
um, im in the air force, my dad was in the air force for 20 years, my uncle was in the army for 20 years and my grandpa was in the army right after WW2, oh and my other grandpa was in the korean war
my grandpa was in WW2, not sure his rank, he never talks about it. but he is where i got my broomhandle (rocket class pistol) and luger.
i have lots of cousins in the air force, two of them make regular trips to baghdad and back for supply drops.
one of my uncles moved to canada to avoid the draft for vietnam, he still lives there. and my dad was extremely close to being drafted.
i have a friend who just joined the navy last summer, another in the air force and another in the marines.
My cousin was in the Army reserve for about 10 yrs and got out about a year ago.

My grandpa was training in China during WWII to fight the Japanese, but the war ended while he was training. But he did see some action as a civilian.

My dad was in the Taiwanese air force as a 2nd Lt. and was in command of a company. He was involved in the anti-aircraft part and ive seen a couple pictures. pretty cool i must say, seeing my dad on some huge ass AA gun
My dad was in the what' the english word...air gun or something... my bro was in the army and my granddad was in some finnish wars.
My mom served 20 years in the navy in Intel. So luckily I've been to japan twice! ^^ I'm currently in the air force in missouri though :(

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