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It looks like there is going to be a map with tanks on it:

dod_tankassault_tnp work in progress
work in progress example of a new version of the tank escourt maps, where the tank is now a offencive weapon.(note this is a concept map to test new features)

axis start with 2 working tanks on left and right flank (takes 20 seconds from round start for the tanks to be enabled).
by standing near the tanks they move out towards a trench and barbed wire fence.
the tanks will stop and fire at hard points (sandbags and bunkers), only if they are in use. otherwise they will break through the wire and advance to the back of the base as cover for the axis advance.
if the left flank tank reaches the barbed wire, a 3rd tank in spawn activated. this tank is used only for covering fire. it advances to high ground and then will fire onto any enemy in the trench system.

all tanks can be killed with 4 rockets in the tracks.

early dev video:


test download (doesnt have skybox yet):
man thats sweet... but in my opinion i think they should leave vehicles out of DOD... thats what battlefield is for
I think that the tank momvements are scripted or someting, both tanks move in a similar direction and only fire when they get to a certain point. That map will be interesting to mess around with when it comes out but I'm not expecting anything epic.
i doubt a thompson would do anything to a tank, but you go try ahead and run up to one, see what happens :), im pretty sure a bazooka and a mg will cause major dmg on them.
This kind of discourages me...after playing BF2 for a long time, I found this game because it looked like a cool infantry-based game. I got tired of vehicles overpowering the entire game (even though I owned with them) This is definately a mod, since the guns sounded different, and I personally would prefer infantry-based combat rather than vehicles in WWII games.
Nah, I'll stick with MoH even if they are not that good and can't really be a tank myself ^^ Like to shoot them down with nades and bazooka.
Hats off to everyone who has every WWII game out there, but there are some of us who only have this one. Go be discouraged else where(I don't mean that in a mean way by the way) :D. The difference between bf2 and a dod with vehicles would still be pretty large. Besides, escort missions were valid scenarios during WWII. Not being able to set the tank up where ever you please is more realistic anyways.
I'm just saying I bought this game because it was infantry-based, so maybe I'll try the tanks out a couple of times, but ultimately, you'll always find me on a regular map.
Lol, the reason I bought the game was because cs:s was on it that i'd heard so much about( i bought the 3 game pack, cs:s dod:s hl:2)Also, if i didnt like cs:s or something i would like dod:s because of the tank on the pic, i thought u could operate it. I still like it, but I bought bf2 and I was rlly excited, cus i'd heard even more about it. Unfortunately, my stupid video driver is insuffecient to play bf2, so I have to wait until grades come out and make all A's to get an $80 driver to play bf2, and it might not even work then... who knows
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