Sennheiser headsets are great if you feel like spending a little more. The quality is unmatched.
yea, sennheisers are really good, would buy one but im too poor. I guess you could go for logitch or plantronics.
i use altec lansing. the set i have cost about 50 bucks in stores but i dont think they make the model i like anymore so i bought a new pair off ebay for $20 after i broke mine.
For quality Sennheisers or Bosse are great but to be perfectly honnest just geat the cheapest headset you can buy and it will be adequate. the one im using currently cost me Ā£4 ($8)
i just got one. i went to wal mart and got the 14$ rear piece headset with mic. it works great but is a little too big in the ear. so i jsut use the game voluyme :)

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