I wanna know

I've been seeing people doing the "foxtrot tango" and "medic" commands in the voice. I know how to do those but i wanna know if u do bind a key and are using the "medic" voice command. can u even be healed by a medic, or is it just a joke thing?
Type these into console.


Take this ammo voice_takeammo

Fire in the hole voice_fireinhole

I need backup voice_backup

I need ammo voice_needammo

Squad, covering fire voice_cover

Go, go, go voice_gogogo

Prepare for assault voice_attack

Sniper voice_sniper

Incoming fire, left flank voice_fireleft

Area clear voice_areaclear

Incoming fire, right flank voice_fireright

Flank left voice_left

Flank right voice_right

Cover the flanks voice_coverflanks

Fall back voice_fallback

Cease fire voice_ceasefire

Hold this position voice_hold

Stick together voice_sticktogether

Displace voice_displace

Smoke ‘em voice_usesmoke

Get a grenade in there voice_usegrens

Use the bazooka voice_usebazooka

Panzerschreck voice_bazookaspotted

Grenade, take cover voice_grenade

Enemy position knocked out voice_wegothim

Enemy ahead voice_enemyahead

Enemy behind us voice_enemybehind

We need an MG up here voice_moveupmg

MG position ahead voice_mgahead

Yes, sir voice_yessir

Negative voice_negative

Nice shot voice_niceshot

Thanks voice_thanks

Medic! voice_medic

Drop your weapons voice_dropweapons

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot voice_wtf
yea but is it possible to actually be healed in this game if u do the medic voice?

yeah i have been on some servers where if you say medic you get healed a little
There are no medics in the game! It was put in for a joke because of the calls by some to get them. Call a medic til you're blue in the face, one will never come because they're not a class in the game.
no proteos on some servers they have this thing where if you say medic you will be healed a little bit
actually if u say medic u can be healed but not on this server their are some servers with mods on them that when u type medic in say chat it heals u like 40 health or something.. but this server doesn't have the mod its just their for fun, when u see people type in medic i think because some of them been on servers that have the mod where you can get healed... is my guess. =D
lol i remember going into some cs servers bak in the days when u got shot u would drip/squirt blood and leave a trail