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Hey guyses, I've had my FX-57 on my asus a8n sli premium board for about a year and a half now. Thing is, dual-core seems to be a major thing coming up now, and it seems support might be increasing for it in games....

What i want to know is though the 57 clocks at 2.8 in a single core, and the 60 runs 2.6 dualcore, is there a way to get the 60 to straight out-perform the 57 in games? i have heard Shenanigans that theres a program for amd's allowing a dualcore to clock and act as a single core... would clocking the 60's cores to 2.8 ( i'd probably need to go back to watercooling) allow for an honest boost in performance in newer games?
lance 2.6 dual core is as if single core would be 5.2 ghz
its 2 cpus running at 2.6 and automatically out performs the one you have right now
not necessarily though..... i saw some comparo's before showing the fx-57 having higher fps on many games... i was wondering if latest improvements in dual-core usage/overclocking would make a difference?

BTW i cant even find one to buy..... not on newegg, tigerdirect, or pricewatch
what's the problem? Are you dropping below 150 fps? Question... do you think replacing your stuff will improve the over all game play? :eek:)
Maybe water cooled Sli 8800 with 768mb, would be money well spent...
remember much of xp cannot use the dual core functions, dual channel memory is the same way. Vista does it, but Vista is like Win M. Linux baby.
I have been doing more multi-taksing ie photoshop/3dsmax, having games + photoshop at the same time, etc. I'd just like to be able to bump to a dual core on 939 without a performance loss over my fx-57 (which has been an absolute trooper btw)
also Lance if the two systems didnt have same setup cept CPU then fps will be different
plus for multi tasking dual core is the only way to go!!
[quote1184263873==(eG)=Rogue Sniper]
lance 2.6 dual core is as if single core would be 5.2 ghz
its 2 cpus running at 2.6 and automatically out performs the one you have right now
That is absolutely not true. Multi-threaded CPU's will give you virtually no performance increases if the software has no support for it, which most games do not at this point in time. (Although many more are starting to support it)

Yeah Lance, the FX-60's are pretty much only available on eBay right now and they are going for $300+, so if you want to go multi-core with your Socket939 motherboard you might want to try looking into the [link=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103002]AMD Opteron 185 Denmark[/link](<-Link) which is, from what I have heard, practically identical to the Toledo core FX-60. The only difference is that the Opteron doesn't have an unlocked multiplier like all of the Athlon FX chips.
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Check out the CPU charts at Tom's Hardware to get an idea of all the real world performance advantages/disadvantages of most modern CPU's.

[link=http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu.html]Tom's Hardware CPU Charts[/link]

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