t3h scr1m!


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It was a blast! I was on strand. It was a great game. This post is dedicated to the hard working scrim captains: =(eGO)= Giovanni & =(eGO)= The Drunken Salior!!!

Lets give them a big hand!!! :)
I got on the comp 5 min late so it took me awhile to join the ava map but I got on then you guys kicked me so I wasn't too happy then got back in and finished the scrim. Soo much fun. Thanks for organizing it :)

Strand is an insane amount of fun scrim map. I doubt that map has ever seen such an intense battle before. Excellent map pick captains. Quack
ya ya sure you all rub it in how great it was, i was on the server(Donner one) for like 3 hours before the scrim and when the map strand came up and could not donload it, sigh so i donloaded it somwhere else, then when i came back it was full , another sigh.
The scrim was AMAZING.
Even though my team lost...

Allies: 3

Great job everyone, I went to both servers, and both were awsome!!

playing on strand was one of the best times ive had in this game...even if i had to download it and i came in a lil late :). and good job to the people that organized this.
i propose that all major scrims we play are on strand now! That was actually the most fun i have ever had - EVER! Its really close and the attacking team have to work really hard to even get close to winning, so good!

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