my band's new song!!!!!!!!!!

instead of using a video camera to capture the sound, id recommend spending some $$ and buying home studio pro or some other recording software, its easy to use and edit the songs, then you can bring it together with a video and it would sound alot clearer and probably work out better, cuz its hard to hear anything, it just sounds like one chord the whole time , plus if you get recording software you can burn cd's to give out to your friends or venues if you guys start playing shows
ya i know. we are trying to get a new one. he was really bad because we had been practicing all day. his voice was dead. lol
lol you look tiny..and i have the same guitar...and your band is tiny.....2 guitars, 2 bass and 1 drummer in my band....maybe another drummer
lol ya im new to bass. i usually play guitar, piano, and drums. i am only 5'1 and im 14. so im not the biggest kid on the block :)
Here's tips for you as you start out on bass:

Try picking further back on the strings. Try somewhere closer to the bridge or over the pickup. Not only will this help the sounds, but It will help your ability to play as well. Might have to lower your strap a little to be able to do this.

Play more with the drums. For example, on the verse riff don;t play 8th or 16th notes; play simple quarters.

As much of a Fender lover as I am, the P-Bass may not be the best bass for your size. Look at an Ibanez with a smaller body.

Yeah, small bass players exist..... Geddy Lee ftw.
Oh I understand..... luckily you're talking to someone who also is a music instructor for the bass geetar.

Try playing it lower though, it should help. Look how low I play for example:

It ain't for looks (although it does look pretty bad-a if i do say so myself. Lol), I play that low so my forearms don't cramp up when I start in on 8th and 16th note runs. You'll get you're own style soon enough.