Poker: Gotta love the odds on this hand...


Check this out:



To be precise this has less than 0.0000138517 of this happening. What's even creepier is that it's almost in order and took place entirely in the community cards. Anyone else ever run into a hand like this?
ive never seen this before, thats pretty cool, i used to go up to the casino every weekend after i graduated high school and play hold em , but as i said thats pretty weird but cool
That is very odd...almost omen like odd. You will have a better chance at winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning than ever seeing a hand like that again.
Lol, what are the odds of them :p


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what thats less of a chance than winning the lottery

Not quite...

In the California lotto you have 5 numbers 1-56 and one number 1-46. This works out to 3.94731726 × 10^-11 chance of winning the jackpot.

or ...


The probability of that straight flush hand is roughly


Back to back:
0.0000138517 -vs-

My math is a bit rusty from my break and a year of upper level calculus but this means that you will get roughly 350,915 straight flushes for every one time you win the lottery. Good luck!

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