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I got let go from my job today *sigh*...o well got to dust off my shoulders get up and start lookin for more work
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Agreed. Don't get caught up in the street life. It's quite stupid. All those that complain about school are liars, because knowledge is power that you choose how to use, and from that more doors are opened.

As for the job part suga, where you live?
Sorry to hear that!!! it will be alright you can do it! and stop getting me in that crack in apts. damnit!!!
Sorry to hear that Suga!! That sucks man! Good luck and if you need any help brainstorming for a new job we're here.
well i was born & raised in south east los angeles, but came to anaheim to live wit my mom & get away from the ganglife. Anaheim,orange county is beautiful!, i can walk down the street at night with out having to be straped, kick it outside on the front porch without worry if someone is gonna do a drive-by, and no more cop sirens!!!(lol adam 12) and im away from drugs thats the best part:D, i kno drugs are everywhere, but i dont kno neone here in the OC, which is really cool!

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