*[T3]* King Norris

*[T3]* King Norris

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This is *[T3]* Norris Effect, I was playing on your 24/7 donner server today under the name King Norris, while I was playing some people started accusing me of cheating after I had shot them with the MG42 w/o deploying. Then later on in the game I was kicked by an admin. I returned a few minutes later and politley asked why I was kicked out of the server, Without a response I was kicked by the admin again.

I just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings, I was not cheating and never have. The clan I belong to has no tolerance for cheaters and no one would ever go into another clans server trying to start trouble. Also think that kicking people without telling them what its for is somewhat disrespectfull of the adminto do, If it was for shooting people with the MG undeployed you could have just told me to switch weapons, I think the way it was done could have been handled differently.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me or any other member at [link=hyperlink url]http://www.t3gamingcommunity.com/[/link]

Thank you for your time.

*[T3]* Norris Effect
We have many admins and sometimes an opportunity like this pops up for us to do some training. Thanks for bringing this to us in such a respectful manner.
I used to play on the [T3] servers alot, and no way any of the clan members cheated.Very good servers they were. Must have been some sort of nasty misunderstanding.
Hey Norris Long time no see buddy! So you're finally out of Tech School... where are your stationed now?

I used to be in *[T3]* with "The Amazing Flying Norris" haha.. that kid could jump.

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