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i was bored, so heres what i came up with....




it can be moved around and resized if needed.

rojo the only way other people would see them is if they were server side, speaking of which...

in CS:S you see all servers with custom skins for admins, that everyone sees... i have yet to see any on DoD:S.

i went to do an armband, but it shows up backwards on the left arm lol
make the font more warish istead of like that

go to

or to and look for a more war based font

it hink u should put it on the shoulder not the back like that
or atleawst make it smaller
[quote1184277923=Baron Rojo]
will other people be able to see it??

cause if so that would be Freaking cool

people can only see it if they have that skin
i love the eGO's on the back

ya me too :) its like a scrim team. lol
I forget what clan it was (i think it was [=1=]) but whoever they were, they had symbols on their helmets (i think it was an allies-type star) and/or they had separate skins from the norm.

I don't think the text should be so vibrant. Wouldn't it stand out? (Therefore, us getting noticed and shot at more easily?) :p
It'd be cool if you put "Ich" on the German's back, according to it's German for ego.

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