I've never actually heard anyone sing in Portuguese.. It has an interesting flow in the song. I disagree with my old Japanese teachers description of it [He calls it 'Gay spanish', not in a demeaning way, though]
just sounds weird cause is in another language ye never heard :)
BUt me being spanish can understand the song :)

and i find it great :)
I'm used to hearing music in foreign languages... E Nomine is German [though they use Latin] Lacuna Coil uses English most of the time, but they have a couple of songs in their native [Italian] The Pillows are Japanese, though they have quite a few songs entirely in English. Caramba... Caramba is just funny [the language in their music is.. no language, it's gibberish] you get my point
Yea i get it ;) i listen to music in different Languages to :)
But i am just really amazed with the grace in this video the beauty and all is just Great , And t his song is the best song of all time in Brazil
gay spanish? what? hey most languages in europe came from latin.. and latin is awesome

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