Having Trouble

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Just a heads up i havent been on the server because for one i cant add it to my favorites for some wierd reason and second, i cant find it on the server list and i keep refreshing for about 10 minutes trying to find it.

I appologise and i will try to be on soon.
Better to solve the problem than to cover it with xfire in my opinion. If you care about fixing the problem, pm me about it.
Yeah I have this problem alot with steam but my desktop is really funky but it only usually lasts a day or two then the server shows up on my favorites again o,O
grr now im getting where i get disconneced and than i try to reconnect and it says the map doesnt work with my version >.<
steam was a horrible Idea for valve anyway. They should have just stuck wit WON and left it alone. Steam is slow and full of errors. Valve definately deserves a slap in the face for using steam...
Not open for further replies.