new sig by walmart

Infected Ice

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hey guys walmart just made me a new sig and i was wondering what u guys think of it. it was my idea and concept but he put it together
you can edit the title, when you click on your thread, by your first post in the right hand corner is an edit thing, you just click that, and find where it says "new sig wakmart made me" :D
I hate to be an ass but that thing is really tall. Our sig requirements state signatures should be a maximum of 150px.
There are no ifs here bud :p

Once you're eG you have access to my signature template. Until then you just need to make that thing meet specs.
I never knew anything about a sig template...I need to look around more I guess o_O

Nice though Ice. When I first read the title and the opening line, I actually thought you meant the store made it for you...I forgot we had a wal-mart player on the team... :( <---- sad panda..