Why the Cake is a Lie does not play AVA.

Two reasons you will rarely, if ever see me on AVA:

I have played Ava to the point of insanity. I have played since the day it was first released. I knew every exploit, every hiding spot, every pixel like the back of my hands. I played back before your fancy "physics" engine and new age "graphics."

Everytime I play Axis and I am a wee bit drunk, I jump up on roofs and taunt those that pass. :)


and of course:


Maybe someone should fix this....

Just so you all know:
I have never and will never do this on an eGO server or with my =(eG)= tag and current name (unless asked to by a senior admin) and will not hesitate to kick those who try.

But dang it's fun to do on little mom and pop servers under the guise of "French Taunter #1" (Holy Grail reference, wait... I shouldn't have to explain that to this crowd). !amazed
And can't forget more worthless spots for the allies!

These are considerably easier to reach, and take less acrobatic ability.

Plant holder:


Light Post:

Telephone wire connector:
why play kalt at all? ive played ava ever since day one of my gaming days and i have a hatred for that map that no one can ever understand.
[quote1184348000={3xG} bradyfan_08]
monty python is glorious!

"I told them...we already had one" hahahahaha i love the french taunters!
[/quote1184348000]Quoted For Epic Truf.
How do they get up there?

If I told everyone how to reach my special spots, it would take all the fun out of taunting!

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