weapon comparison


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so in this thread i am going to analyze in my view which weapon class is better, axis or allies. i will use my 1yr. dod:s knowlege to help me out with this :) anyway here goes:

Rocket Class:
rocket - winner
panzershrek - loser
why - the panzershrek is was slower to reload. and its secondary weapon runs out of ammo too fast

Sniper Class:
springfield - winner
K98K sniper - loser
why -the springdields scope give percise shot. the scope isnt a fat one like the german one.

Mg Class:
.30 Cal - winner
mg 42 - loser
why -the mg 42 may shoot more rounds per seconds but it is far more innacurate. also the mg 42 heats up so you can't use it. it may come with more bullets but whats it matter if it steaming, you cant use it!! (baron this is for you)

Support Class:
Bar - loser
stg 44 - winner
why - this is by far the closest match. i personally perfer the bar but... i have soon discovered that the bar isnt as fast as the stg 44. also the stg 44 comes with a shovel witch is bigger than a knife :) more ammo with stg 44 as well

Assault Class
Thompson - winner
mp 40 - loser
why - the thompson is far more accurate. also americans know how to punch, germans dont :)

Rifle Class
m1 guarand - winner
k 98 - loser
well the m1 is overall better in my eyes. if you dont hit the player in 1 shot with the k 98 youre screwed. also if its not a 1 hit k. o. then youre also screwed. which is why experienced players should use the k 98 but others should not. the quiker fire time wins this class. the iron sight on the kar is horrible as well

hope it helps you all. please dont flame i worked hard on this. thanks. blindsfell.

i find the MG42 to be WAYYYYYY better than the 30cal
Because is Just better
The MG42 is indeed worse than the .30 cal if treat the MG42 like a .30 cal. However, if you use the MG42 like it's an MG42 it's a better gun.
are you serious... the kar is so much better than the m1 grand by far.... thats why you always see ppl pick up kars on the american side because its so awesome
Well for me, I use the kar (Which means I'm experienced!!!) It pwns with greater accuracy, better distance, and more damage. The ironsight sucks tho =(
i agree with most of the stuff, and its so true abut the rocket. US rocket pwns more than the panzershreck. or however you spell it.

and i gotta flame to....


*clears throat.
Just so you know the tommy gun and mp40 are EXACTLY the same. Other than the model and the sound. They have the same accuracy, RoF, and recoil. IIRC their clip size and reload times are the same.

Sniper rifles are also total clones.

BAR and STG44 are also clones with the exception of the BAR has a longer reload time and smaller clipsize, so the stg44 has a definite advantage.

These are facts. This comes directly from the code of the game.
i find the axis selection to be, in the big picture, more effective. i don't know if it's because of the map or the guns (some times i think it's one or the other and sometimes i think it's both) but most of the time when i happen to pop in to kalt the axis are winning. this is subjective, of course because i don't actually keep track this is just what i think i see, but i play there a lot. i also like to steal the guns from the other team because sometimes i think the gun i'm using sucks regardless of what team i'm on.