Agh crud!

Well guys... I went to buy my own copy of Counter Strike source... but Wal-mart didnt have it... so I went to Shopko(you wont know what that is unless you live up north) and bought Half Life 2 cause it said "Comes with Counter Strike Source" and I figured Oh, my brtother got CS Source and it came with Day Of Defeat... but sadly it didnt... So... I am stuck playing CS Source until my bro buys DoD for me like he said he would.... he calims it will be a belated b-day present(my bday was 27th of june if you are wondering)
HAHAH!!! anyone wanna give me some game passes :p I miss DoD

I wish I could play on my computer... but I have a laptop and no mouse... just the touch pad and I dont think I will be able to play this on a laptop lol...
why dont you just buy it through steam? that way, its one less disk to have laying around.

Yep. Plus, he can still buy it from steam as an add-on.
HAHAHA!!!! I convinced my bro to give me his gaming pass for the time being then he will buy me DoD but for the time being i am playing CS source on the Titties -n- Beer servers... yea odd name but the servers rock good players fun people lol