i need an avatar


EGO Is My Life!
here is wut i want in it:
i would like to have my avatar with a blind guy betting lost and then falling off a cliff
perferably using the program out break uses

I threw that together real quick, if you want any changes let me know.
outbreak uses flash micro or something, his are videos. i like urs so ill use urs until he makes my video one. thanks thor :)

There's 150x150 pixels at 72ppi. I made an outline and drew some slightly vertical lines on the cliff. I put the name on the top as well as adding a drop shadow, red outer glow, and an orange-purple gradient overlay. Finally, I moved our little blind friend over a bit and tilted him 15 degrees clockwise to make it look like he is about to fall. I thought it looked cool, here ye go!

Here's a 100x100 at 72ppi (ppi is pixels per inch)


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