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Jack Rot

Hey guys just letting you know i havent been able to work on any sigs or anything because the mouse i use for the laptop im on broke, so yea imagine how hard it is to do photoshop with a touchpad >_>....as soon as i can either get to my computer or get a mouse for this laptop, i will get back to work on the sigs, anyone who wants one just PM me with all the details you want, instead of saying it on the forums, thanks :) :)
No, you don't suck . You're almost as good as me....and no I'm not selfish...It's the truth... (of course I am joking ^^) You a lot better than me..
You're vurrry vurry good babe. :)
maybe you can be as good as me. ;)
LOL. jk. <3
ummm... i would vote, but theres no "eh, not to shabby" vote...


Kidding, much better than i could ever do. Btw, i got an idea if you could do one for me when you get your mouse fixed...
lol i do a lil bit of photo shop i use cs 2 and yes it is extreamly hard to do on a lap top if you do those without a mouse yes yes indeed mad props grimm mad props lol
lol, thanks i just finshed one for eryx last nast, it wasnt too complex so i was able to do it, and i will do the next request i got and knock them out in order, and also dont forget neuroxcore,(my gf) does them as well/ :)
I find it a little funny that 4 people, according to the votes, DO think you suck....lol

i find it funny that 15 don't :O
you look like you are pretty good at them. I base that off of 2 years of Photoshop classes so I know good ones when I see them. At least you dont rip off some other game and just add your name on the side...
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