Adobe Imageready Question


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Hey all, trying to put a avatar together. Its all done but the saving it as a .gif in Imageready.

Its not as simple as "save as gif"

Can someone tell me what the next step would be please.
Last thing i tried was opeing the file in photoshop and saving it as a gif but still no animated avatar.
Thanks for any advice.
You're going to want to utilize the save as optimized feature. There should be a drop down toward the upper right of the GUI that has the optimized settings. Your document should also have a tab that lets you view the optimized setting as well.
I've found the opt tab on the file, also the drop down option "save optimized as". Neither enables me to save the file as a gif with settings as they are. Could you provide me with some details in regards to these settings? (how to save optimized as a gif)
weird, i thought i edited my last post to say that I figured out what you were talking about. I had to go into my imageready window options and turn on "optimize"

<--- my 2nd avatar, the first if you saw it will soon be an animated spray for the eG or better.

Thanks again for the time.