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Most of who know me I play on the Donner server. Well just want to share someting cool with you guys. Its a in game radio takes up not a lot space and nice to listen to ingame. Its not he best right now its still in beta but I love it thought some fellow e, eG, eGO members would like this.

Love EpyoN =)
ya i love listentin to music while i play. it helps me alot!! if you have a station make sure that it is seperated by genre of music.
This could be an option as long as the plugin retrieves all info (bandwidth) from the station and not making the server the station it self. (reroute)

There was a nifty !radio on a walkmart clans server a while back, but I never looked into it.

If enough interests sparks, it could be an option.

Edit: I did not realize this was a stand alone application.

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