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You can download the latest version of Photoshop from Adobe's website here [link][/link] but mind you, it is only a 30-day trial of the software. If you are looking for a free full version of Photoshop then...well, I am not going to disclose that information on the eGO website for obvious reasons. :)
go for photoshop 7.0 its old but it works plus you can have it on multiple computers, a lil less features than CS2 but works great
ithink its like 30 or 40$ now if any1 still sells it
Another option, since you seam to be interested in digital art, would be to buy a Wacom tablet. I found one on for $85, $15 off from the price at the manufacturer. It comes with Photoshop, Corel Painter, and nikColorfx free. And hey, its even legitimate. :D
And you don't have to "download" it, you can go to or something and order the discs, thats what my boss did, but, with fast internet, you may as well just pay for it and download it from there website...and i agree with =(eG)=Rogue Sniper, 7.0 is the better for the money if your getting photoshop for the first time
Yep go with a few versions back if you have never used photoshop before. The new features are nice but they are going to be of zero use to you if you can't use photoshop to begin with. 7.0 was one of the better versions and like many have said in this thread is quite affordable.
7.0 is not only easier to use but requires less system usage unlike the newer ones, unlike CS2 u can use 7.0 with as low as (i think) 512mb ram

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