Friday 13th

Ok, so bad luck and all well heres my story....I'm driving on my way to work when i made my way into the parking lot of the store i work at, normal thing going straight at about 25mph when all of a sudden out of no where a car comes flying around the parking lot and slams into the side of my car....didn't see me ... didn't stop... nothing.... well i really didn't know what to do i saw the car at the last second and veered to the left to get away but couldn't avoid. I'm sort of.... eh so i take off my seatbelt and didn't realize at all my car was upside down and i plumeted into the roof with much force to give me a bump(don't ask i was out of it)....i looked at my arm and glass shards were sticking out of my arm and blood was starting to drip.. LUCKILY I AM FINE.... no broken bones just some bumps, bruises and cuts....weird thing about it is the person that hit me I go to school with and it was very awkward when i crawled from the car and saw her....of course her car was fine.... stupid ford cars....
My dad said that yea but it wouldn't go over to well with the girl i'm sort of together with. I'm ok though every once and a while i find a little piece of glass on me... and my arm looks a little wierd. Luckily i broke nothing and im ok... or else that girl would be even more upset that she just killed one of her good friends...
not like i broke anything im just really sore...and my arm is cut up pretty badly and i got a little bump on my head other than that im here... it just happened so quick and it sounds worse than it is.
ya those kind of things happen fast I've been in four accidents so far. i hate accidents!!!

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