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And no he does not have another. Notice his right hand is black pouring it out and when he shows the "other" its clean.

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I hate apple, I hate iBooks, I hate iMacs, I hate iPods, and I really hate iPhones.

This made me happy!

Thanks Kendle! ^_^
haha, so funny how he blends a bunch of random crap. i started laughing when it goes to the shot of him smiling while the iphone is blending
thats the best thing ive seen all day. $600 down the drain, thats like watching $300 fireworks go in the air.
lol yeah, the iPhones are cool.... but they are too glitchy... AND I shoot off like 3k in fireworks each year. >_> lawl I should just save up for a another car. :(
Apple actually had its first Iphone in 1983 with this example.

Will it blend? That is the question.

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