MMORPG's anyone??

Anyone play and MMO's like Maplestory or WoW or l2 or anything? lol

Sadly since WoW got boring for my rogue at level 62 I quit lol... so now I play a free side scroller that is 2d called Maplestory yea it looks kinda dumb but it gets better as you get a higher level lol
I used to play WoW, had a shaman, quit for obvious reasons. (you'll know them if you played WoW)

I'm done with MMOs, but I want to try out Warhammer when it comes out.
Fighter Ace up to its current version 3.92. fighters, bombers, escorts, air field raids, destroying/protecting naval fleets (carriers), tanks, bldgs. 5 countries, almost every plane in WWII including the first jets... lol let me just get you a link to some squad footage. Heres a bombing run.
Total Video

I love this game a little too much... just not enough to pay for a subscription for months at a time.
The best ones I played were RagnarokOnline and WoW. Kinda interested to get into Lineage2. I also played Maple Story, but it tested my patience too much.

For RO my main was a Paladin, as for WOW, level 70 Night Elf warrior.

Seriously looking forward to this WarHammer and Age of Conan.
WoW gets boring extremely fast... you work your butt off to get to level 70... and you can never raid... and when they schedule raids it conflicts your schedule and then your guild gets mad at you and kicks you... WoW has alot of drama... and ends up being a job and not a game... thats why I love playing DoD :)
i used to play WoW last year and i got addicted real bad, had like 40 or 50 epic items and raided practically every day it was a bit sad really and when it began to affect many different areas of my life i knew it was time to give it up

So i jsut quit cold turky and after a few months I thought i had gained control of it so got another months subscription but i barely even played it becasue I had came to realise the destructive power that the game can have if you let it run rampant.

The thing which people often forget is that the game is DESIGNED to be addictive. The new content continually added is supposed to keep you hooked and get you paying your monthly subscription becasue they only care about the $$ in the bank rather than the people that are suffering at the other end.

Yes MMORPGs can be extremly fun and satisfying. However, i am very much against them becasue I have seen first have with myself and many others how they can change people and generally make them into jerks etc

As they say all good things in moderation...

/end rant
I play EVE Online and Travian.

EVE Online has many aspects to it. The game has many aspects to appeal to anyone, although I play primarily for the pvp. The pvp relies on your ability to strategerize and outwit your opponent. You must know both yourself and your opponent. It also requires you to think while the adrenaline is pumping, yes, it really happens.

Travian is a browser-based strategy game where you build up empires. It relies on teamwork and communication in order to survive and defeat the players around you. However, the main goal is not to destroy your opponent, but to build a world wonder before anyone else does. Of course, if your opponent can't build it up, that dosen't hurt either.
I played WoW for 2 years, I got sick of not being able to compete with the no lifers I can raid all the time and you cant so im better than you. Game was amazing and fun at the beginning but it just becomes a repetitive time sink like anything else.