eGO's future with DOD

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i was doing some thinking before and wondered what would happen to eGO if DOD got an upgrade like the original DOD to DOD:S, how would we adapt, would we make servers in the new game or stick to the classic one, i feel that we might be split down the middle between people who want to play the old one and ones who want to move to the new game, feel free to give your input espessially council members.
Not worrying about it is half right. Setting long term goals can be important too.

I feel indifferent about what you say being split, ELF. Indeed that people have different preferences. We discriminate. Everyday. Choosing this over that, here or over there. People will be people. If there does come a time when something new will come up, of course people will try it out. There is no way we can tell the future. People come and go.

The people who stay, however, will determine how much impact a change would be. And the decisions that would be made by the community as a whole and as individuals.
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