[poll] downloading insurgency problem

Drunk Baby [JR]

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hey guys many of u know the game insurgency the modern warfare game well i downloaded it (not sure if i downloaded the right one) i downloaded insurgency client beta version 1 and then all i have is a folder with stuff how do i play it. I want to like run the game through steam.,...... plz help me!!! !sad
put the folder into this directory

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods

and then it should be good. if you have steam running while you put it in, just restart it after you do, then it should pop up in the My Games list
hey i tried to get the patch but it dowloads then it still says that the map differs from the server or someone.!!! which one do i download!!!! ( i use fileplanet)
wait i played the game it worked fine then about 2 mins into the game a engine error pops up and exits the game and the error says "GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex(161) failed."

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