I'm back

Yea i got back from summer camp today. right when i got home i took a nice short 4 hour nap. The bad thing is that i've lost a bit of my voice yelling at the scouts in my troop. I was the Senior Patrol Leader, or the highest position a scout can hold in a troop. Took me five years but i have a 5th year pipestone now. Its a rock thingy that only the buckeye council offers here in ohio. People come from all over the nation to get one. There was a boy scout troop from california there, go figure. I'm not gonna play today maybe tomorro when my voice is a bit better.
yea they were idiots and just stood around doing nothing. Then the adult leaders got mad with me because it was my job to get them to clean and work on getting merit badges. I seriouly didn't care if they wanted to waste $180 of their money and not get a pipestone, but thats just me.

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