Server Meeting


Turtle Beach announces that it has shipped a headset to DJ's Wife! Be sure to thank Turtle Beach for giving away a headset at the last meeting by clicking on their link above and checking out their awesome array of headsets and sound cards. For years, Turtle Beach has been the standard in gaming gear. They love us, so lets love them!


Join us for the Friday Night Meeting!
One lucky winner will win an eGO T-shirt (size XL).
One eGO level member and above will win a DLink Router.

Be there or be square!

You must be present at the meeting to have a chance to win!

Times are:

We are going to have a meeting Friday Night (October 24, 2008) at:

9:00 pm Pacific
10:00 pm Mountain
11:00 pm Central
12:00 am Eastern
5:00 am London

Main Topic: Servers on the chopping block:
Several TF2 Servers (Warpath included)
CS:S older servers

If you want to put in your two cents or try to save your favorite server join us at the meeting.

Do not go crazy yet! Go to the meeting first!

In Ventrilo.
Ask Questions.
Hear answers.
Win a T-shirt?
One eGO level member and above will win a DLink Router.​
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Damm i will not be there fore it (4.00 am in danish time and there i sleep)

bot it sound fun and all there come... god luck ^^
(kill all the Ego and eg, we know E?s is best)... :eek:


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@DJ's Wife can't wait to hear how the new headphones are

@News; change is good and you can't justify keeping what you can't fill.


I'll try to go.

I mostly see Warpath full, it's servers like PL Rotation and Badwater (? why do we have this) that need to be cut.


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Looking forward to the meeting. Would it help my chances to win the router if I mentioned how I'm across the house, three floors down from my current router and I could REALLY use a better one? :p


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This things happen too late for me(EST).I was only there for the last one for 25 minutes.
No not the reservior dogs server!

Awh dude c'mon, switch is a sweet map, but if we could we could try another map, maybe santos_b2 or anzio, that'll bring in the players and the people who love playing on our servers so much that they ultimately contribute to our mission, to provide world gamers a great gaming experience

C'mon guys lets save these servers. :cool:


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Guys. There is a reason this is happening. It will be explained in the meeting. If you can't make it, we'll go into detail afterwords. :)