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This guy llove him or hate him personally i hate cheaters breaking records id alot rather him retire at 2nd place and leave the record alone
That is a very good point Suga. A-rod deserves it a lot more than bonds will ever for the mere fact that A-rod is no "Steroid Freak" ....

I mean look at his stats when he came up in '86 he was a fast sb's kind of player. When Bonds reached the mid '90's his stolen bases began to plummet to absolutely nothing and he went from a fast skinny guy to an overweight, "Roid Raged," power hitter.... Barry put the syringe down!!! He is in no way deserving of the all time record I really don't care what anyone else says but you cheat during a period of time all his stats after that point should be eliminated. End of Story!!!

As we all know Bonds will break the record at some point....unless by some miracle he gets into a career ending injury, Like a baseball to the face at 100 mph that causes him to have internal brain damage....we can only hope. Other wise we will just have to wait a little while until a true player such as A-rod comes to bear the record. At that time i will cheer and so will others but for Barry i wont even consider about giving him the props he will never deserve.
I am not only disgusted by what Barry Bonds did (Steroids, etc.) But he lied about it, which made it even worse.

However, in my opinion, the fact that he was looked up to as a hero is horrifying. Same with Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire who were both heroes when I was younger, they were both cheaters and they shouldn't even be remembered.
look at the numbers and yes even though i hat ethe yankees a rod will break it :(. barry is a cheater but hey, steroids make you bigger, not a better ball player
I was watching drag racing earlier and I turned to sportcenter during a commercial and I caught a bit of the Pirates/Dodgers recap. He went 0-5 with 1 walk. He seems to refuse to run out, it's disgusting. If he dinks a ball into the infield he'll waddle his roid butt halfway to first and turn towards the dugout before the 1st basemen even touches the bag!

GRRRRRR I really don't like him.
i think u meant the giants MOP lolz

BOOP yeah it was 2 in the morning so I was kinda out of it.

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