Chrono Trigger Fans

Chrono Trigger is my 2nd favorite RPG ever..My favorite for some odd reason being Breath of Fire III. I like the Final Fantasy's to :)
looks pretty cool, reminds me of DBZ
That's because the art work was done by Akira Toriyama, who created DBZ.

I remember this being one of the few Square RPG's I actually liked [Sorry, I've hated every single final fantasy]. I played it alot back when my SNES worked, but age took my snes. And I'm too paranoid of the FBI to risk looking for roms :(
anime crap...even though im azn i still hate anime...sorry baron. I hope you have been offended. *cough. i mean not offended lol
Best RPG EVER is (well tied) Suikoden I and II for PS@.

If you say you've played better RPG's you're lying!!!
Yeah, Chrono Trigger is one of the best traditional Japanese RPGs of all time and that is a fact. Chrono Cross is pretty interesting as well but it is nowhere as enjoyable as the original.

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