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Post your life story, if you want. :)

My name is Kevin Modlin, I'm 16 turning 17 at the end of July, I was born in Sacramento California at McLellan Air Force Base. I lived there until my parents retired with benefits. From there I moved to Fresno California until 1996, while in Fresno I went to Mountain View Elementary. From there we moved to Newberg Oregon from 1996 until 1997, after we left there we moved to Mebane North Carolina where we lived unil 1999. After we moved away from there we came to Ceres California. I've been living here since then, about eight or nine years. Currently I am a Senior and will be graduating near the middle of 2008. From there I plan to go to college and get a degree in Computer Science then join the AirForce and retire after 10 years with benefits. Near the end of 2006 I met a guy who called himself R@Y in a Zombie Mod(ZML) server run by him, Kiljoy, and an Sociophobic Asian Kid named Isaac Chan. I quickly became friends with him and hung out on his vent with his buddies Cooper, Beavis, and Justin. I've been hanging out with them and playing random games since then. Which is also how I came to Allied Gamer... After ZML disbanded Isaac and myself formed CST-Gaming, a Counter-Strike Tournament company that last for less than a year, although it was fun it was trying at times. Soon after CST disbanded I began to play DOD:S more and more often. About 3 months after I continued to play DOD:S almost maniacally I ventured up Edge Gamers Organizations 24/7 Avalanche server. I was caught by the nice players and the admins who actually did their jobs. Soon thereafter I posted my application to become and =(e)= and was accepted much to my joy. As I continued playing on the EGO servers an old friend of mine introduced me to the community at mine-dog.net who are avid gmod/hl2 roleplayers. Not too long ago WiC was released and a whole new gaming genre was opened up to AlliedGamers and the regulars who I've become friends with. I founded Allied 5th Rangers (The World in Conflict Sect) and now I write this.
ewww air force j/k im in the air force right now for 5 more years at least so yea its a pretty good life, i also grew up moving from base to base cuz my dad was in the air force too
I sit at home and play day of defeat source with a great clan called edgegamers. And then I go pwn at soccer, poker, skateboarding, and tennis. :)
Same as Saosin. Currently in the air force lol same amount of time to. what were we thinking 6 years huh.. I pretty much work, come home, and game. I've made some good friends though.
just a lil refreshd bio about me, My name is Joe, Im 22, I Live in beautiful Orange County, southern california, my hobbies are dod, drinkn(on weekends only) and spending time with the family. My ingame name sugafree, is from a westcoast rapper, its not cuz i dont like sugar lol!. I am an ex-gangmember from pico rivera, east LA calld Jardinx3(jardin is spanish for gardens pronounced HARD-THEEN), after running from the cops so many times, and being shot at, fights, drugs, and all that street drama. I made a turn for the right, I remember waking up in the ER with my head bulged out from being crackd over the head by a wooden baseball bat, and sed "thats it im out, Im either gonna end up dead or in jail for the rest of my life", I moved from Los Angeles to my church going moms home in Orange County, matured up, got a Job, a good girlfirend, and now spend quiet days playin dod:S with all you snipin/rocket/kar killaz lol!! gg see you on the battlefield boys!! "GIVE'EM HELL" ...........posted that when i got promoted to =(eG)=
In a nutshell:
I'm Anthony, I'm 21, I'm from Houston, I live in Austin, I play bass, I own my own business, I've owned 2 Harleys, I'm obsessed with VROD's, I have 3 tattoos, I have a bad knee, and I like seafood.

Yeah, that's about it.
this is me in a nutshell "Help, help, I'm in a nutshell!" name that movie and you will get a smiley.

I'm Willis, 19 from Southern Illinois starting my sophomore year in about a month at SIUCarbondale. i dabble with my bass, just messing around, playing random songs, nothing serious. i love to go skeet and trap shooting on weekends with my dad when im at home. also i enjoy shooting pistols in which i compete monthly just for fun. i was originally turned on to CSS last fall by the people on my floor and then when second semester started we all switched over to DoDS and that is how i came on to the eGO servers.
I'm Kadath Jhary Lopez-Bird. That name has one hell of a meaning, in order: The jester of death who remains the eternal companion to champions and is the son of the wolf [and I guess a bird as well]. I'm 16, I live in Utah and I'd rather be in Arizona. I was put into a mental health hospital when I was 5, I left one year later. The school I was placed in was for 'behavior challenged children' even though they encouraged the bad behavior more then helped it [Especially when they would lock you in a box they called 'The Booth' for fun] and I was on at least 12 different medications for depression and other BS. Eventually, the meds came down to just two, Trazadone and Buspar. I became allergic to the two drugs, and broke out in boils. Eventually, I finally was able to stop taking the drugs [and who would have thought, coffee calmed me down better than the drugs] and I promoted into a junior high school from hell, Clayton. Because I was in a behaviour school for the 2nd-6th grade, I was in a special education home room. The school was also hell on earth, the dress code was red white and blue [no matching colours, logos, or images] and everything was Gang related [even wearing sandals was outlawed for being 'Gang related'] and the teachers were proud of the nicknames like 'Dresscode Nazi' or 'Military grade student harasser' and I learned nothing at this school, thankfully, I was only there for one year. I finally got into a good school, a charter school, that would give me the education I want as well as providing a sane environment. I have been there two years, and life had gotten better. Then I met my father, and my other 13 siblings I never even heard of. Now I have chronic migraines.
this is me in a nutshell "Help, help, I'm in a nutshell!" name that movie and you will get a smiley.

Austin Powers ftw.
My name is Daniel Roueche, and I be a French-German dude living in Jacksonville, Florida, the 4th of 10 kids. o.o; Rather quiet life here. going to be working in a dental lab soon. Other than that, not a whole lot going on, except for prawning folks on DoD.
yeah! austin powers......hmmm me in a nutshelll.....well i probably wont be in a nutshell but...MY name is Cody...friends call me schwags cuz my last name is to hard to spell...uh lead gutiar in my band.....play DoD and xbox 360.....halo ftw..uhhmmmm 7 through 10 sucked..uhh a tornado hit my house...mmm i think that is it....oo and got an awesome golden doodle :D
My name is Erik Aragon I am 16 soon to be 17 on July 29th, I am Mexican American (both my parents were born in Mexico, dad came here when he was 24 mom when she was 1) I've been playing the clarinet since I was in 6th grade, I am a senior in high school , and I live inn Richardson Texas close to Dallas. I play DoD when I can at home when my two other brother 18 and 12 arent on the computer. My older brother is leaving to college sometime mid august, hes going to Texas Tech. I play Guitar Hero 2 for 360 and im pretty good at it =) thats about it

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