I'm buying a house!!! It is SICK


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My gfriend's mother and step father are buying a new house, and so decided to sell their house to us! We figured we'd get a house in the next couple of years since we're both starting our teaching careers this January; however, we didn't think it would be as nice as this house, let alone this soon! They are giving us a good price, and will rent it to us for a year until our career's are established, and then sell it to us, subtracting all the rent we've paid from the total price. :)

It is relatively new (1991). Check this out...

- 2,007 square feet
- huge backyard
- 4 bedrooms
- 2 living rooms, 1 is over 30' by 30'
- large pool
- huge computer desk wrapping around part of the wall in the second living room that is built-in to the wall!
- huge vaulted ceiling in one living room
- jacuzzi
- secret tunnel connecting two closets
- space in the garage that isn't used that my gfriend will one day convert into a dark room
- 2 bathrooms
- 2 car garage
- 2 outdoor sheds
- huge backyard
- 20' orange tree
- 30' pink grapefruit tree
- 8' lemon tree
- 2 Air Conditioning units, so each works half as hard, lowering the electric bill, and making it so there are no "hot zones" in the house anywhere
- renowned elementary school 1/4 mile up the street for my son next year (he's 4 now). We can watch him walk up the street and into the school since it's a straight-shot.
- HUGE park in the neighborhood with basketball, soccer field, playgrounds, etc.

If you are interested, you can watch a video of the house that my gfriend took on her camera. [link=http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=12844886]It's here[/link]. Everything is in there but the front yard, which has the orange tree and a privacy wall made of cactus/dessert plants.
Pretty sweet....not as sweet as my mansion. muahahahahhaha
- 52' plasma TV
- 2 other tvs
- 2 brand new dell pcs
- 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, loft, dining room, game room, hall, den, kitchen, 2 laundry rooms,
- 2 acres including a soccer field, baseball field, paintaball course, forest, swamp, creek, dirtbike track, tree house, tennis court.
- ya thats right
Nice, nice. :) But this house is amazing for Phoenix, AZ. The houses here suck, they are all cookie-cutter homes with HOAs. This one is not a track home, and has no HOA. That is almost impossible to find in a nice neighborhood.

Oh, and we almost have you caught! We have a 42" HDTV, and THREE computers. Hehe...two I built and then a laptop.

I don't think I'd ever have a house like yours, and this is not against you or anything, but if I made that much money, I'd give it most away. I've always said that if I made more than like $60,000 a year, I'd give the extra all away to charities, etc. Again, I'm happy for you and this isn't a comment about you, just my personal opinion. :)

Nice house though! :)
nice...they have this one listed for $305,000 but will probably sell for 280-290 to us.

How did you get a house that large, for that cheap, in California?
We had a similar thing here...

In 2005 before my divorce, my ex and I bought a condo for $105,000 when the real estate bubble was still expanding. We sold it 9 months later for $155,000! Not a bad deal, $50k in 9 months. :)
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Whose bank did you rob?

me or blindsfell? I didn't rob one, I'll be starting my teaching career in January and that's how I'll afford it.
yea blinds, cali is expensive, geat deal!, the house i used to live in was small(i mean small low income home), 3 bedroom 1/half bathrooms, the front look crappy, b4 i moved i counted the bullet holes in the front of the house, there were like 16. yea ghetto:p
yeah, i see no point in big houses, so we deck our houses out inside. and spend the rest of the money on an 07 escalade, 07 saturn sky, and a 350z :) lol. Too much cleaning, to much mowing, not cozy at all. so we buy like 4 bed houses
You had me at Closet Tunnel.

Can I come live with you?

yeah i thought how cool would it be to put a wall up where the door to one of the closets is? then it'd be a totally secret room!
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blinds 10 bedrooms like you need that many
Maybe he has 9 secret girlfriends :p


BAHAHHAHA... yea.. maybe