Diablo 2


EGO Is My Life!
I finally beat the game on hell, OMG THAT WAS HARD!!!! im so happy,It took me 2 years lol. I used no hacks, cheats, or charms, and i did it all on single player with default items. My bro used cheats, hacks, a hacking program, charms, etc. and he beat it in 1 day. lol. the secret cow level rocks
I love Diablo 2, but all my Blizzard games are cursed :( I have like 3 copies of Diablo 2 [and don't get me started on how many StarCraft discs I have lost and re-purchased] but I've finally got a copy secured that isn't losing itself. I love playing online so much :D
If any of you ever want to play with me online my B.Net account is GS)Commander on US: West
ahhh, jamella's character trainer. i remember the old days of hacking ur character on open battlenet. i eventually moved to closed and got about 6 characters up to level 70 in about 20 hours each.
it takes forever to level up on single player.

I had a lvl 80something fire sorcess named Sparky lol.
she was supposed originally be a lightning, but i changed my mind..