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Hello JohnT,

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a D-Link DGL-4100 GamerLounge router through via the eGO Mall.

This router has the same features as the 4500 model minus the wireless features and LCD read-out on the front. This replaced my old Linksys router and has exceeded all of my expectations.

The firmware and GUI are easy to use and top-notch. I've noticed a good decrease in net-lag while gaming as well thanks to the Gamefuel technology. I would recommend this router to anyone and everyone.

- Beast
In Other News:


Apparently one of the Big Shots at D-Link loves our Kalt Server. He asked us to do what we could to save it from the chopping block.

The executioner was able to stop his swing, but it was close?.very very close.

All you Sewer Rats out there better thank D-Link for saving your favorite server. Now, get it full......

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Kalt has been slipping in the ranks and it shares a box with Palermo.

What to do? What to do?

DLink told us........What to do.

Save Kalt.

Mongo SlR


Well first off i want to thank the person from dlink that is probally one of the taiwan guy's for helping save the kalt server.but it would have been a bad choice if they would have done away with the kalt server in the first place.we need a different house leader for the SlR's and im willing to surrender my spot and let one of the Taiwan guy's in so they can keep the server going in the morning's and daytime.thank's guy's.


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Mongo, there is a good discussion on server costs and decisions going on in the Leadership forum. You can check it out HERE

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Yeah I would like to know this D-Link guys in game name so I can thank him if I see him. I know the traffic on the Kalt server has been heading down latley but it would have sucked to see it taken out.

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Yeah i bought my msi 4870 X2 through newegg about a week ago. Every bit helps.

Also, whats gonna happen to FL:confused::confused:

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last week bought a 22inch samsung monitor through newegg via our web link :) Today just ordered the D-link Dgl-4100 also along with a merc tealth keyboard , again through our site :) did i mention i see what they got on sale a couple tmes weekly ( through our link naturaly) wanted to buy a computer through them ( just got it lastnight ) but they were out so i had to go to the store:(