EdgeGamers INS server is now ranked #1​

After opening at 79, it zoomed up the ranking until it became the most popular INS sever in the world.

This lead to the opening of the second server which is also rising like rocket.

Good work over there! So good infact that INS is now an official Division of eGO and has it's own tab. Check out the sweet INSURGENCY TAB! You know you have reached the big time when you got your own TAB!

Also, lets give a big eGO welcome to the INS development team which frequents our servers and forums.

Welcome Home!
I have to admit, I been playing a lot of INS compared to CS:S. I'm glad our numbers looking good.

Good job ladies & gentlemen.

Captain Wes

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I want to thank everyone from the top down for their endless hours and hard work that they put into this division, including the tireless work by our admins and outstanding Admin Recruiters team! I am proud to play with you all and wear the Edge Gamers tag.


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Yesss! Thanks for the support everyone, this took everyone to make happen!
And always come by to play with us sometime, if you haven't played this game, its a definite game to try since its free.