Nooooo! Silent Hill fans have nothing to look forward to :(

Okay, so Silent Hill is my favourite game of all time. The story in each one is so effin' brilliant, and even if the last one wasn't the creme of the crop, it was still well written and had it's moments, but this is a series that can only be handled by it's original creators. None of Team Silent is working on Silent Hill V, it's being made my the American group, The Collective. This pisses me off. I already had little hope for the PSP edition, Silent Hill 0rigins, but I would expect the next true Silent Hill game would have hope for it's future, now that future is pretty grim. Then there is the matter of the movie sequel. I enjoyed the first silent hill, even though it wasn't the greatest of films, but here is my beef with the sequel: They will be using the story from the second game but it will be changed to tie with the first movie. We know [vaguely] what happens to Rose in Silent Hill 1, so the mystery presented to the character in Silent Hill 2 game will be gone. Then there is the deep psychological ties between James and his wife, which will be gone because the revenge and torture aspect of the characters will be gone in the movie [Only fans of the 2nd game will know what I mean..] I hate to see such a great series go to waste!
Silent Hill dropped in my favor around Silent Hill 3..2 was the greatest though :)

I've played Doom 3, Clock Tower, Resident Evil, and all the Silent Hills...

The *one* game on the planet that has actually made me too scared to play at night was Silent Hill 3.
I don't think the movie was that terrible, I think the fan servicing was annoying but the plot and some of the scenes were good.. but I still don't want the sequel.
My favorite was the first one. It turned into an emo type of game when it hit two. The first was just about a writer trying to find his daughter in a hell bent town that circled around a cult that had taken a drug called White Claudia. By the way, if you don't want the game spoiled, don't read that last sentence.
I have always been a fan of the Silent Hill games and I hadn't heard that the fifth one was going to be developed by an entirely new team. Well, you never know, maybe they will be able to revitalize the series and take it in a new direction. Let's just hope that direction doesn't lead into the ground. :)
I really like the Resident Evil games. Use to scare the crap out of me. Clock tower was really creepy to. I liked the movie and i was happy that my background of silent hill let me understand the ending and such. I had to explain it to some of my friends haha.
Eh... I'm not that big of a fan of Silent Hill. I played Silent Hill 2 quite a bit and I found it enthralling, but I never bothered beating it. I just don't draw any entertainment from fear. Just like I don't enjoy rollercoasters and horror/thriller movies, I just can't really enjoy games meant to scare.

Besides, I've had the ending(s) to Silent Hill 2 spoiled so many times there's no point in trying to beat it again now.
i was told thene ndings to all the games even b4 i got a chance to play them so it really ruined it but ther enot my games either

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