Eryx your sig is done.

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Jack Rot


let me know if you want something changed.
Pretty sweet. He's been having computer problems so he might not be able to look at this for a little while.
wow thanks grimzors its perfect i love it :D

Yes i have been computer problems give it a day or two.
yea you save it, put it in photobucket, or then copy the http or w/e then put it in the "
" and put it for your signature in your settings for this website and youre set, hopefully youre not dee dee dee and understood what i said, XD jk.
lol im soooo confused. Which thing should i copy and paste to my setting on the imageshack thing? The hotlink for websites?
*sighs* make a photobucket account, if you dont already have one, upload it use the http code and paste it into your settings/signature area in this is in between the
brackets :) dee dee dee
Not open for further replies.