Hello, I just was on your DOD:S server when i got Tommy pretty angry. I censored my own swear word with astericks (all but the first letter). I was nearly kicked, possibly nearly banned.
Luckily I was not, and i will continue to say that I am happy to play at a profanity free server, and am glad it exists. I think Tommy got the wrong impression of me at the time, so here I am.

I just wanted to say that I was not trying to argue with any admins on the server, and If that type of action is against server rules, then I am both completely in the wrong, and sorry. I probably deserved to be kicked for not following the rules. I am thankful I was not but do want to add that although I do not believe ignorance is an excuse, I just think that the situation wasnt clear initially. This was my second day playing on your server and I just feel that being it was my first time - first warning, and nearly fisrt time being banned, that perhaps instead of making me feel like an idiot and using a harsh tone, being more.... understanding would have helped.
I will note that I did as was told and folowed the rules as explained to me after that. But I respond to politeness better than anger.

Anyways, good discussion, so who is going to tell me more about the clan?
It is all good I am not angry :) Stay around and we will grow on you. The next thing you know you will be wearing an =(e)= tag.
Hey monkey, welcome to the server. As long as everyone has a good attitude and has fun playing, everything works. All in all eGO is a good bunch and the players we attract and keep end up being a credit to the server.

....now get out there and shoot someone !
aww i'm rank 387. :(
i wonder if that takes into account caps or not.

i wonder what the ultimate questions is that goes to the ultimate answer to life the universe and eveyrthing (42).

I wonder when I will get my very first blingged out cabbage from woot.com
its all well and cool, I understand what you did and were thinking. I normally just say oh poops or something like that in replacement of a swearword. Hmm, either that or go on TS and unleash my inner swear monster like Lance :D
dont worry about it monkey and i swear emo u better be there twoday.. becuz i might be on the mood to snipe ppl down.

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