Just to let you know


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I have been here for a very short time , but in the times before I was an =(e)= and after I have never liked playing a game as much as I do on the =(eG0)= servers
and the kk server rocks. Thanks to Drunken Sailor for teeling me what I needed to Know to join and thanks to Baron for making me feel like someone cares that I am ther playing the game.
Overall I thank everyone that has made it possible to go home from work and have something and people to look forward to interact with.
Thank you =(eGo)=
ssame here, eGO soo big hard to get to know every1, but there is that few that you know, and like lucky said baron is good pplz
Im also happy to be here! like i posted before im addicted to ego!!!
Heh, I only play on other servers while waiting for a spot to open up in one of our servers. I just set it to auto-retry/auto-join and jump in some random server until it automatically connects me.